Frequently Asked Questions


What are your earrings made from?

Miss Lizzy earrings are made from acrylic and/or hand-poured resin. Acrylic is a commercially manufactured, fairly rigid plastic product and comes in many colours and thicknesses. Resin is a two-part liquid that, when mixed, cures to a hardened plastic. It can be coloured and mixed in an infinite number of ways!

Both acrylic and resin are extremely light-weight - even for larger earrings, you'll most likely barely notice that you are wearing them!  

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Are your earring posts/hooks/etc nickel/zinc free?

Yes! We use titanium or stainless steel ear posts only. Note we do also use nickel-free brass and anodized aluminium jump rings, so if you have a contact allergy to either of these metals, please let us know before checking out so we can use a safe alternative for you!

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Can I change to hooks?

For post-top earrings, unfortunately no. However, if the earrings have a ball-stud or hoop top, then yes! We will note on the individual product page if the earrings can be changed to hooks - just make a note in the "Notes" section during checkout and we'll change them for you, free of charge.

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Can I change to clip-ons?

Yes! The same rules as above apply - if the earrings have a ball-stud or hoop top, we can absolutely change to clip-on. As with hooks, just make a note in the "Notes" section during checkout and we'll change them for you, free of charge.



What is tufting?

Tufting is a process of rug making that has existed in different forms for centuries. In a general sense, tufting means to pass a cluster of threads through a woven backing to create a whole cloth. Many cultures across the world use a method of pulling tufts of thread/wool through the warp/weft during the rug weaving process - for example, Boucherouite rugs from Morocco.

Our tufted pieces are created using a tufting gun - a hand-held machine that you thread with yarn and use to "draw" onto a stretched cotton canvas. You can see some vides on our Instagram of tufting in action!  

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What are your tufted pieces made from?

Miss Lizzy tufties are made from 100% thrifted or Australian/New Zealand wool (mostly - see below).

I am a passionate and enthusiastic lover of wool. It is ancient, sustainable (where you purchase responsibly), hardy, incredibly long-lasting and biodegradable. Wherever possible I avoid using acrylics or non-plant-based materials in my tufting. This is partly because I just don't like the way acrylic yarn feels, but also because tufting with acrylics can create toxic micro-plastic dust which is not so great for breathing and definitely bad to get into ground-water, etc. 

A HUGE CAVEAT: this is NO SHADE to those wonderful tufting artists out there who work with acrylic yarns. This is an entirely personal choice for me, and I love and respect all of my fellow artists. I also need to note that because I am often buying un-marked balls of yarn, some acrylics or plastic-fibres can sneak in, especially when mixed with wool. I don't guarantee everything is 100% wool but I do my best. I will sometimes make the cheeky choice to ignore all of the above reasons too if I love a yarn's colour or texture, and I know it's not wool. What can I say, I'm a contrary soul.

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Can I use my rug as a bathmat?

Theoretically... maybe? Wool is an incredibly hardy material, and it can take a lot of beating. However sustained exposure to water may damage the wool 'cuticle' and it may felt or degrade over time. Having said that, our rugs are glued with strong, water-resistant latex glue and (mostly) backed with acrylic felt so most of the components are water safe.

So, try it and let me know how it goes? But note your beautiful rug might not look so beautiful over time!

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Can my tufted item go on the floor/wall?

The answer is generally yes in all cases. Having said that, our wall-hangings are reinforced with a rigid material (usually corflute), which means that they won't have the "floppiness" of a traditional rug. This reinforcement is permanent.

Conversely, our rugs and floor mats aren't reinforced, meaning that the larger pieces may be a little floppy when hung up. If you fall in love with a rug/floor mat and would like to hang it on your wall, just get in touch before purchasing and we'll make sure we find a solution so that it hangs beautifully!

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Can my tufted item be washed/cleaned?

As with all woollen items, wool doesn't love to be thrown in a washing machine as it can felt and shrink. So don't do that. Here are some tips and tricks on cleaning your tufties:

- Wool is actually naturally a little bit water/stain resistant due to the lanolins in the sheep's coat. Having said that, commercially dyed wool does tend to have most of these oils stripped out in the dye process. 

- For rugs, you can keep them clean from general wear-and-tear with regular vacuuming. For spills, we recommend spot cleaning immediately by first using a clean cloth to soak up any liquid and then using cool water initially to clean. Try to dab/pat rather than rub to avoid any felting. You can use a gentle shampoo or diluted dish detergent to clean tougher spots.

- Your rugs/mats can also be cleaned with a commercial wet-vac cleaner. Just spot test before you go crazy, and we recommend using less than the recommended amount of detergent (or none at all).

- For coasters/table mats, etc we recommend giving your tufties a light spritz with Scotch Guard or similar to help prevent staining. This makes them water-resistant, meaning if your tea (or wine) dribbles you should be fine with a quick dab/wipe up. Refer to the above methods for more significant cleaning.



Where are you located?

Miss Lizzy is located in Newcastle, Australia.

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, absolutely! Click here to view our shipping page.