About Miss Lizzy

Photo of Lizzy

Miss Lizzy is an Australian design studio, based in Newcastle. All of our creations are conceptualised, designed and created by hand. 

Miss Lizzy is just one person (me!), Australian-American designer and illustrator, Lizzy Howe. I have a degree in Design for Theatre and Television, and have worked professionally as a costume designer, set designer, event planner, florist, graphic designer, visual merchandiser and a whole bunch of other stuff (I'm also excellent with spreadsheets, but less relevant here).

About Miss Lizzy Earrings

Miss Lizzy earrings are designed as capsule collections, season-to-season. My designs are inspired by a lifetime of obsessive nerdiness: folk art, fairy tales, interior design, magnified images of fungus. Basically anything and everything is fair game when it comes to inspiration.

Miss Lizzy earrings are hand poured resin or laser cut acrylic (or a combination of the two). All earrings are designed by me in their entirety, including (in the case of resin) hand-making the moulds and individually pouring and sanding each earring component. All earring posts are hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel, to keep those lobes happy and healthy.

About Miss Lizzy Tufties

My tufted items are entirely hand-made, using a tufting gun and lots of yarn. Sustainability is very important to me, and I regularly haunt my local thrift shops and eBay to source as much extant wool yarn as possible. When not thrifted, I will buy 100% Australian or New Zealand wool.

I illustrate the majority of my pieces before tufting, either via hand or Illustrator. I tend to work in two styles - a more 'blocky' style which is fairly quick to achieve, and an 'illustrative' style, where I do my best to translate my natural sketchy style into my work. These pieces take considerably more time, and therefore cost a little more to make and sell.

A note about materials: I am a passionate and enthusiastic lover of wool. It is ancient, sustainable (where you purchase responsibly), hardy, incredibly long-lasting and biodegradable. Wherever possible I avoid using acrylics or non-plant-based materials in my tufting. This is partly because I just don't like the way acrylic yarn feels, but also because tufting with acrylics can create toxic micro-plastic dust which is not so great for breathing and definitely bad to get into ground-water, etc. 

A HUGE CAVEAT: this is NO SHADE to those wonderful tufting artists out there who work with acrylic yarns. This is an entirely personal choice for me, and I love and respect all of my fellow artists. I also need to note that because I am often buying un-marked balls of yarn, some acrylics or plastic-fibres can sneak in, especially when mixed with wool. I don't guarantee everything is 100% wool but I do my best. I will sometimes make the cheeky choice to ignore all of the above reasons too if I love a yarn's colour or texture, and I know it's not wool. What can I say, I'm a contrary soul.

Most importantly, every Miss Lizzy creation has been created with enthusiasm, love and maybe just a touch of giddiness.